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Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, WA
(48.419°, 122.331°)

Small group that drinks coffee instead of working


(67.000°, 67.000°)



Grenoble France
(45.190°, 5.721°)

Microcosm basé en Isère/Alpes

Microcosms Region Mons

Mons, Belgium
(50.455°, 3.952°)

Microcosms Mons and region. Welcom. Bienvenue. Welkom.


creteil, france
(48.786°, 2.510°)

Groupe de mappeurs du Val-de-Marne

Sud Île de France

montrouge, france
(48.817°, 2.315°)

South group of the Île de France. from Montrouge to Dourdan and more.

Shambhala mapping club

(0.000°, 0.000°)

mapping out of this world

Null Island

Null Island
(0.000°, 0.000°)

Friends of Null Island

East Midlands

(0.000°, 0.000°)

For heavens sake, why cant I pull in Geojson from bryanh's site

Mapping World

(0.000°, 0.000°)

Mapping the world

Missing Maps London

(51.501°, -0.143°)

Usually not found at buckingham palace but elsewhere in London


West Midlands, UK
(52.489°, -1.888°)

Midlands group


Washington DC
(38.883°, -77.009°)

MappingDC is a group organized around improving the quality of OpenStreetMap in and around Washington DC. We meet periodically for on-the-street mapping and mappy hours.

Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia
(38.985°, -77.294°)

Mappers in NoVA

Upstate SC

Upstate, SC
(34.728°, -82.310°)

Upstate South Carolina

TH Test

Terre Haute, IN
(39.538°, -87.371°)


OpenStreetMap US

United States
(36.950°, -95.889°)

OpenStreetMap US is a 501c3 based in the US. We help grow OpenStreetMap, the free and editable map of the world, in the United States. We support the OpenStreetMap project through education, fostering awareness, and an active community.


(35.104°, -106.650°)

An informal group of nuevomexicanx working to help put NM (with a particular focus on ABQ currently) on the map. In non-pandemic times, we meet every third Wednesday at Bow and Arrow Brewing (602 Bezemek Avenue Northwest; Anyone is welcome to join and we're happy to help get you started mapping. The meetings are in an open format to allow contributors to focus on adding to OpenStreetMap for Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Please bring a laptop or mobile device and sign up for a free OSM account at and review the tutorial there before the meeting.

OpenStreetMap Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
(40.679°, -111.898°)

Mappers from the greater Salt Lake City area

Skagit Group

Mount Vernon, WA
(48.422°, -122.250°)

Skagit OSM Group


Portland, OR
(45.517°, -122.659°)

Portland, Oregon Microcosm